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Officially launched and available for purchase online, BRÈINFÚEL (Breinfuel) evolves from coffees, energy drinks, and nootropics to help the brain respond with focus, alertness, and productivity.

Developed by Dr. Gerald Horn, a Lasik surgeon with a background in pharmaceutical science and disruptive drug development, Breinfuel combines highly researched ingredients with an extended release that is designed to support performance and wellbeing.

“Endurance means so many different things to people with various lifestyles, occupations and interests. Yet, the common desired effect is not the jolt offered by traditional caffeinated beverages, but rather sustainable cerebral stamina and high-performance energy,” noted Dr. Horn. “Whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder, a frontline medical worker, or a stay-at-home mom of zoom-schooled children, our mental health is being zapped by today’s challenges and demands. Consumers need a beverage that incorporates more functional benefits that enhance productivity and well-being.”

Breinfuel comes in four palate-pleasing flavours including Thrive Ice, Victory Bliss, Alpha Punch and Limitless Berry. Dr. Horn combined four uniquely differentiated ingredient blends for Breinfuel’s multifaceted effects. The Caffeine Blend, according to Dr. Horn, is “the secret sauce” of Breinfuel, with the best of what’s in coffee without the coffee base. It is derived from green tea and green coffee beans without the toxicity and loss of potency from the roast.

The Fuel Blend includes four grams of low-glycemic sugar, five grams of easily digestible collagen protein, and MCT’s which are a great source of prolonged energy. The Antioxidant blend offers potential added benefits from vitamin C, vitamin E and beet root, all designed to reduce the brain’s known sensitivity to accelerated metabolism. The Brain-Booster blend features zinc, creatine, glycine (from collagen), and L-theanine, all individually shown to support brain health.

“Putting caffeine in water alone can create a toxic jolt to our system, which has contributed to caffeine’s checkered past,” noted Dr. Horn. “Since caffeine is not energy or fuel, but rather a stimulant, it needs to be supported like one. Breinfuel’s attention to these key principles resulted in four targeted blends that, for many, may redefine the caffeine experience.”

The inception of Breinfuel began as part of Dr. Horn’s goal to optimize his nutritional consumption, lifestyle/productivity, and personal health.

“This began as a personal quest to solve the problem of unsupported caffeine in the marketplace, such as in caffeinated drinks with zero calories or high-fructose carbohydrates,” noted Dr. Horn. “Once I and some colleagues began to experience caffeine in a new and better way, I knew it was the right time to bring Breinfuel to market.”

Developed by Dr. Gerald Horn, a Lasik surgeon with a background in pharmaceutical science and disruptive drug development, Breinfuel combines highly researched ingredients with an extended release that is designed to support performance and wellbeing. Breinfuel is sold online and comes in four delicious flavours including Thrive Ice, Victory Bliss, Alpha Punch and Limitless Berry. Each bottle of Breinfuel features a proprietary blend of effective ingredients, including: natural caffeine from GCBE and green tea (along with their extracts), D-ribose sugar, collagen protein, MCT’s, vitamin C, vitamin E, beet root, L-theanine, creatine, and zinc.

Tohi Ventures, a Kansas City-based (US) healthy lifestyle brand, has introduced a line of four Aronia Berry-based functional beverages.

Aronia Berries are native to North America and were used historically for both their nutritional value and for medicinal purposes. Awareness of Aronia Berries is growing, buoyed by overall consumer interest in phytonutrients, plant compounds that have beneficial effects on human health. According to research, Aronia Berries top the list of more than 100 foods that have been scientifically tested for antioxidant capacity.

Tohi Ventures was founded by two female friends with significant entrepreneurial, investment, operational and scientific experience. “We are advocates of a nutrition first approach to wellness,” said Shari Coulter Ford, CEO and Co-Founder. “We are pioneering innovation around our core ingredient, with the goal of optimizing the nutritional value and potential health benefits of Aronia Berries in our products. We believe Aronia is a break-out category,” she continued.

Tohi has already received industry recognition, being named a finalist for the seventh annual SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards in the Functional Beverage category. Finalists were selected by the SupplySide editorial team for achievements in innovation and market impact.

“Tohi is the perfect blend of science and nature, flavor and functionality. The polyphenols and anthocyanins in Tohi beverages are naturally derived from Aronia Berries, which have been scientifically studied and linked to significant health benefits,” said Elma Hawkins, PhD, Co-Founder of Tohi Ventures.

Tohi beverages are attracting the attention of collegiate and professional sports teams, including Iowa State Football. “I’ve reviewed the clinical and academic research citing the health benefits of Aronia Berries, especially relative to sports performance. Tohi created a ready-to-drink beverage featuring Aronia Berries that’s perfect for our Fueling Stations. Getting the athletes to drink a healthy beverage is also easier when it tastes great! We also appreciate that Tohi buys from Iowa-based Aronia growers so we’re supporting the local farmers,” said Erin Hinderaker, Sports Dietitian at Iowa State University (MS, RD, LD, CSSD).

Tohi is perfect for corporate athletes as well, partnering with Company Kitchen to supply Tohi through their corporate network. “Company Kitchen provides workplace food service solutions to companies across the U.S. Our clients are focused on providing healthy options for their employees to increase wellness at work. Adding Tohi beverages to our lineup is a natural fit! We’re always looking for the next new thing that will meet the demands of our clients,” said John Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Company Kitchen.

About Tohi Beverages
Tohi beverages are 30 % single strength Aronia Berry juice and 70 % hydration, available in four refreshing flavors: The Original, Blackberry Raspberry, Dragon Fruit and Ginger Lime. Tohi is non-carbonated and naturally low in calories, with no added sugars and just a hint of Monk Fruit for sweetness. Tohi beverages are packaged in eco-friendly, 12-ounce slim aluminum cans, available for purchase on Amazon.

Naturally sweet and refreshing nourishment flowing from sustainable trees

Looking to Mother Nature for a more delicious way to nourish and replenish the body, Drink Simple, from the makers of DRINKmaple, brings organic plant hydration to U.S. consumers in SIG combidome cartons, the first of its kind in this packaging solution. The composite from which the entire carton pack is made, from the base to the eye-catching yet practical dome, contains around 75 % paper board, which is made from renewable raw wood material.

A healthful beverage alternative

Maple water is naturally nutritious, containing 46 polyphenols, antioxidants, prebiotics, minerals, and electrolytes. With a subtle hint of sweetness, it provides an ideal better-for-you beverage option to traditional soft drinks. The Drink Simple brand captures the pure essence of this liquid goodness at the source, tapping trees at the peak of harvest in order to protect the integrity of the taste and nutrients for consumers to enjoy year round.

Contrary to inclinations of thought associated with maple as the thick, golden-brown indulgent topping for breakfast foods, maple water is thin, clear sap flowing directly from the tree in its natural state. It is 98 % water, and only after processing where the liquid is boiled down does it transform into the familiar sweet syrup. More importantly, it is certainly not maple syrup mixed with water.

This clean, single-ingredient label product is also low calorie, non GMO, naturally alkaline 7.4 PH, and certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). For those with dietary preferences, the beverage offers a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo option that has half the sugar of coconut water and more manganese than a cup of kale.

In the process of collecting the sap, no trees are harmed on the farms of which they are grown, ensuring many years of sustainable water supplies. By filling their Original Maple Water variety in SIG’s combidome, the brand is furthering its sustainability endeavors as carton packaging maintains a high content of renewable raw wood material.

Saying it with colour: the natural black appearance of the product stands out of the shelves.

Canadian Black River Juice launched a pure pomegranate juice. Made from high quality concentrated pomegranate juice sourced from Iran, where the pomegranate is native to. High in antioxidants, this juice is completely pure and refreshing. Sediment is normal, it’s just the natural fibre in the juice, give it a good shake and enjoy!

The juice, which is free from added sugar and flavours, is pasteurized pure pomegranate juice from concentrate available in a 1L glass bottle.

Canadian-owned and operated, Black River Juice had its humble beginnings in the cherry orchards of Prince Edward County. Founded by friends and co-workers, Keith Wallace and Grant Keane, they began by working with local farmers to help them sell the juice from their leftover cherries to Torontonians so not to have any of their crop go to waste. Keith and Grant quickly realized that the demand for this pure cherry juice far outweighed the farmers’ ability to keep up, so they bought a small juice press and some canning equipment and started to make the juice themselves. It was a labour of love that involved labelling, ladling and jarring by hand! In addition to the pure tart cherry juice, their first offerings were more exotic, like gooseberry, red currant blend and plum to name a few. They found there was no need to add sugar or flavourings as they were able to maintain much of the flavour and integrity of the fruit.