GNT Group doubles capacities for product development

New laboratory facilities in Mierlo put into operation

With an investment of more than three million euros, GNT has considerably expanded its capacities for research, product development and quality control at its headquarters in Mierlo, The Netherlands. (Photo: GNT)The GNT Group announced the opening of its brand new laboratory facilities in Mierlo, The Netherlands. With an investment of more than three million euros, one of the global market leaders in Colouring Foods has considerably expanded its capacities for product development and quality control. Over the past years, the GNT site in Mierlo has been constantly growing, now covering six hectares. The new facility makes a crucial contribution to supporting the sustainable growth that is fundamental to the company’s strategic 2020 plan.

Situated adjacent to the production site at GNT’s headquarters in Mierlo, the new laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for quality control, as GNT aims to meet the growing and specific demands of its global customer base. The extension of its facilities significantly enhances the company’s core strength of innovation, through integrating the key functions of product development, process development and engineering, the speed of innovation will be increased even further.

Specialists to boost innovation

Since the demand for truly natural colour solutions is constantly on the rise, GNT is also investing significantly in growing its research and development team. The Group currently employs in total 320 people throughout its global network, this number will rise in line with the continuing success which is supported by its exciting innovation pipeline.

Ensuring a sustainable and excellent working environment, the family-owned company is an important employer especially in the area around Mierlo and across the border to its second production facility in Aachen, Germany.



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